Beyond Prejudice

    I’ve been asking myself where exactly does prejudice come from. Inherited insecurities? Superiority complex? Prejudicial teaching? In 1954 Gordon Allport linked prejudice to categorical thinking claiming prejudice was a natural and normal process for humans. According to him, “The human mind must think with the aid of categories…once formed categories become the basis for prejudgement. We can’t possibly avoid the process. Orderly living … Continue reading Beyond Prejudice »

A Sober Thought on Mental Health

  Are you familiar with the sound of silence? The pain associated with mental anguish in all its forms often feels unspeakable.  I’ve come to think of mental health and mental illness as two ends of a continuum on which we all find ourselves.  Our place on the continuum may shift throughout the course of our lives, and hopefully, we can become better at nurturing … Continue reading A Sober Thought on Mental Health »

What We Can Learn From Geese

  For the longest time I took comfort in being my own boss.  I loved my independence; I thought I was stronger, smarter, more effective when I worked alone.  When I worked with others it meant having to make compromises.  History, however, proved me wrong.  I wasn’t, in fact, stronger, smarter or more effective alone.  Often quite the opposite, I accomplished less, made more mistakes … Continue reading What We Can Learn From Geese »

Finding Perspective

It’s pretty easy to lose perspective these days.  We seem to have little time for either deep thoughts or long conversations.  Social media has shifted our attention from face-to-face to the screen, where we communicate through cryptic messages and emojis.  So much of our own perspective is focused on personal prerogatives and individual development.  It’s as if we’ve reached the conclusion that since we can’t … Continue reading Finding Perspective »