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Lamp Lighting

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   “They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite.” — Cassandra Clare Some time ago, I had reason to visit my doctor.  I’ve been seeing Althea for more than twenty years and she is among the most knowledgeable people I know.  She is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine and an herbalist of considerable note. … Continue reading Lamp Lighting »

Saved by Doubt

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn          Nothing characterized my early journey in faith more than doubt.  From the first moment I picked up a Baltimore Catechism, skepticism set in.  I was taught that every person enters the world with: The table already set Answers to every question Truth to negate every falsehood Dark lines defining the good and the bad

A Thought on Friendship

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn o Alice Bailey and Lessons on Friendship Mom and dad were social people and our home was a focal point of all sorts of gatherings and get-togethers.  These were the days of no locked doors, where everyone shared one long back yard.  Every neighbor was a teacher and parenting was a pooled activity.  It was a world where children were NOT the center of attention … Continue reading A Thought on Friendship »

Soul Sickness and Soul Healing (Marsha)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today’s post comes from my wife, Marsha.  If you would like to submit a post for Just A Thought, please contact Marsha, editor of this site, at In the quirky 1990 romantic comedy, “Joe Versus the Volcano,” one of Meg Ryan’s characters tells Joe (played by Tom Hanks), “My sister is soul sick.”  Actually, everyone in this movie is soul sick, and … Continue reading Soul Sickness and Soul Healing (Marsha) »

The Power of Gratitude

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Is “an attitude of gratitude” a clever little ditty or is it in fact a life strategy? It seems each year around my birthday I am reminded of those dark times, when: all seems lost anger engulfs my being resentment is unconquerable loneliness is my only companion When I hit bottom at age 36 it seemed like I’d pretty much used … Continue reading The Power of Gratitude »