Monthly Archives: October 2016

Recovery from Obsession

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   Have you ever found yourself obsessing over some person, place or thing?  Have you driven yourself to madness with the thought of losing an object of great desire?  Have you acted in ways you can hardly describe from the madness of an obsession? Obsessions are not unusual occurrences to those of us in recovery, as we have all experienced the obsession … Continue reading Recovery from Obsession »

Reaping the Whirlwind

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I recently came upon a troubling scene in a parking lot involving a mother and her two young children. As I was loading groceries into my car I witnessed the mother engaging in a violent and sustained tirade at her young son.  I say sustained because whatever had set her off she could not turn off, and she went on and on, becoming … Continue reading Reaping the Whirlwind »

What I Learned from Making Coffee

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   Why is that we see so many around us eaten up by their own ambition?  How is it that ambition can come to possess us as ferociously as any addiction? And finally, Why is it our ambition is so directly influenced by those with whom we associate?   As a kid growing up, sports of all sorts captured the attention … Continue reading What I Learned from Making Coffee »

When Truth Burns

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion” ~ Paul Carvel  Do you remember the first time you had your ears burned?  You know, the moment when someone Called you out on a well kept secret Addressed your life from head to toe Spoke the truth and shrunk you down three sizes Sometimes the only way to get our … Continue reading When Truth Burns »