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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (edited version)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Friends, The following post was inadvertently sent to you earlier in its unedited state.  Please accept our apologies as we now send you the corrected version. — Pat and Marsha  “We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.” ~ Seneca  Have you ever found yourself under attack from the Big Bad Wolf? Doesn’t it … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (edited version) »

Accept It, Change It, or Leave It

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   The first time I came to terms with the meaning of this statement I was experiencing my first real time of Unbelief Doubt Agnosticism I was 14 years old and it was the weekend after the Kennedy assassination.  I was the paper boy at King County Hospital. I was in a state of shock at the news that our beloved … Continue reading Accept It, Change It, or Leave It »

Zombies (by Joe)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (Please enjoy this post by my friend Joe, first written and published in 2013.) At the start of this semester, I asked my literature students to attend one academic presentation by mid-term, and write a two-paragraph response, reflecting on what they learned. They had plenty of choices. Faculty and guest lecturers present several talks each week. One of the most popular … Continue reading Zombies (by Joe) »

A Program of Recovery: Chicago Cubs

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I sat stunned in my rocking chair (yes, I sit in a chair and rock). The Chicago Cubs had won the World Series.  “Cubs” and “World Series” is a non sequitur of the first order.  And here I sat contemplating a world where the Chicago Cubs could win a World Series.  After 108 years a groove sets in, a way of thinking, … Continue reading A Program of Recovery: Chicago Cubs »