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A Seasonal Thought from Ann Raney

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   “Oh … fine. How were yours?” Hoping this rather provocative/obscure remark may pique your attention today. Let me explain. I grew up in a family that adored magazines: Life, Sports Illustrated, Gourmet, Time. We devoured the content, shared the photos, waited anxiously for our favorite to arrive. It’s no wonder that I still love periodicals and blogs and podcasts. I’ve … Continue reading A Seasonal Thought from Ann Raney »

Sometimes It’s the Little Stuff that Matters

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The other morning as I sat nestled in my easy chair with the New York Times harrumphing at the latest outrageous headline, I heard a high-pitched squeal coming from the dining room.  I bounded out of my chair to see what was going on. There was Marsha, bent over, examining one of her many plants. “Come see my new baby,” she … Continue reading Sometimes It’s the Little Stuff that Matters »

What is Your Grit Quotient?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “Life is full of obstacle illusions” ~ Grant Frazier  At a reunion involving a couple of my dearest friends, my friend Neil offered the opinion that a parent can do no better than to instill in a child the characteristic of GRITTINESS.   My friends and I go back nearly 50 years.  We shared intense times doing really hard work on … Continue reading What is Your Grit Quotient? »

How to Love Your Work (Joe)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Please enjoy this post from Joe Nagy. It’s back to work on Monday. One of the perks of teaching is that you get long holidays over Christmas and New Year, plus spring breaks, and of course a long summer break.  I can never complain about a hard day on the job because my wife will always remind me of all the … Continue reading How to Love Your Work (Joe) »