Monthly Archives: February 2017

When Struggle is a Good Thing

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I found a story that makes this point so nicely. A man found a cocoon made by a caterpillar. One day a small opening appeared.  He sat and watched for several hours as the new butterfly struggled to force its body through the tiny hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far … Continue reading When Struggle is a Good Thing »

Why Bother?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Some time ago, I attended the funeral of Verdell Trice. Verdell was nicknamed the “Mayor of the West Side” because for more than 50 years he worked to make this desperately poor community in Chicago a better place to live. During the 1970’s I had the honor of working with Verdell on economic and social development programs aimed at improving the … Continue reading Why Bother? »

The Gift of Silence

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   I worked hard to perpetuate my stupidity for half my life. The other half has been spent gathering up my loose marbles. This marble gathering experience describes my process of recovery.  For me, recovery has been 95% recovering parts of myself that I lost along the way.  This has entailed: Challenging my ingrained biases Harnessing my ingrained fear Motivating my … Continue reading The Gift of Silence »