Monthly Archives: May 2017

Embrace Your Life

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Life without parole is a sentence we all share. I became aware of this fact in my early days of sobriety.  I never fully understood the real meaning of “I have your back” until I learned from those who had been incarcerated the abject necessity of having “back saving” friends.  Prison is not the place to be without such friends.  Alliances … Continue reading Embrace Your Life »

Borrowing Light From Another

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I have a friend who has unsuccessfully battled alcoholism for many years.  He has spent months in treatment centers, hours upon hours in counselling, and extended stretches in a 12-Step program. All to no avail. Invariably, he returns to the bottle and self-imposed exile, to the despair of friends and family. Addiction is often wrapped in isolation and loneliness.  Addiction becomes a monster, cunning, baffling … Continue reading Borrowing Light From Another »

Accepting a Broken Past

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Have you ever experienced an event so broken that the past and future became so tightly bound it became impossible to have a … present?  A moment so broken that time stands still and memories don’t mend? Moments like these can shape our outlook on life and rob us of our happiness.  Broken memories can create a pattern of negative thinking and behavior … Continue reading Accepting a Broken Past »