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And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” ~ T.S. Eliot  There are days when life seems much too unmanageable, When the ‘fate gods‘ have all conspired against me, When my powerlessness really pisses me off, When the Serenity Prayer is wholly undecipherable to me. Days in which it seems I’m in way, way … Continue reading And the Wisdom to Know the Difference »

A Thought on Turning 32

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   I celebrated my 32nd sober birthday on June 14. On this day each year I take a pause to reflect on who I am, where I came from, and what I’ve become. It’s not a day for “attaboys” or self congratulatory talk.  On the contrary, it’s a day I remember that years are only accumulated days, single moments aggregated over … Continue reading A Thought on Turning 32 »

Seeing Humanity in the Strangers Among Us

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Some time ago Marsha and I watched Henry Fonda in the movie Young Mr. Lincoln. Afterward, I wondered whether we would ever again see anyone with the character of Old Abe.  Then I wondered, would I even recognize such a person if he or she crossed my path?  What struck me about Lincoln’s story was how little of his background would … Continue reading Seeing Humanity in the Strangers Among Us »

Tribute to Leonard Cohen (by Joe)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn On November 7, 2016 songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen died. Earlier, before his passing, Joe Nagy, regular contributor to Just a Thought, penned this wonderful tribute.  We share it with you again. I have just finished reading a biography of the Canadian poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. He has accumulated about every award you can get in his profession: Rock and … Continue reading Tribute to Leonard Cohen (by Joe) »