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What Friends Can Do

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (First published March 5, 2016) “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”  – Alfred Adler When I think back on the friends from my life they look a lot like the characters from Peanuts. I often identify with Charlie Brown I’ve had best friends like Linus I had plenty of bossy Lucy’s along the way There have been wonderful … Continue reading What Friends Can Do »

Making Use of Depression

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When I was 14 years old I got a job selling newspapers at the County Hospital. The hospital served an indigent population, many in need of long term care.  It was my first real job and one in which I encountered many remarkable people. One such lesson was from a woman named Lilly.  She lived in a room on the 4th … Continue reading Making Use of Depression »

Coming of Age

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (Originally published January 19, 2016.) I recently read in an educational journal that 60% of today’s school age children see themselves as “exceptional.”  In 1964, only eight percent of children would have so described themselves.  When I think back to 1964, when I was 16, did I see myself as exceptional?  Not so much. In those days Teachers were always right Coaches were … Continue reading Coming of Age »