Monthly Archives: April 2018

Why the Heck Do We Have to Struggle?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   I discovered my grandson Sam has the spirit of a caterpillar.  Just as a caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly, little Sam is on his journey toward being transformed into a mighty man. Wow! It’s an amazing process to witness, impossible to understand, and endlessly fascinating.  I find myself hoping Sam might have an easy time finding his wings.  But … Continue reading Why the Heck Do We Have to Struggle? »


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   I have noticed recently that I often feel trapped in a sordid and negative news loop that drags even the heartiest of souls into the gutter.  When this happens It is all to easy to lapse into cynicism and despair.  I find it helpful to turn to stories and illustrations that remind me that humans can have another path. Here is … Continue reading Devotion »

Why Worry?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   There are times I’ve owned a time share in these foothills.  The mind is difficult geography to guard; worry can so easily muck things up and distort reality. Small things appear large Thoughts are transformed into bogeymen Friends are turned into enemies Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic, shared this observation: “Worry affects the circulation, the digestive system, … Continue reading Why Worry? »

A Successful Failure

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Who do you look to for leadership?  It’s hard to get from here to there if you don’t know the way.  Some paths are marked with booby traps and dead ends, and we need men and women who have been there to share their experience.  When I’ve selected my leaders unwisely I’ve gotten into loads of trouble.  At 13 I chose … Continue reading A Successful Failure »