Author: Marsha Hahn

In Search of Inspiration

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Like many of you, I’ve become traumatized by the plight of the growing refugee population.  By some accounts, they number over 65 million, 48 million of whom are children.  The global response to this crisis has been appalling.  Tens of millions have been left stranded in makeshift way stations, refugee camps or drifting at sea.  Refugees are being treated as the … Continue reading In Search of Inspiration »

We’ve Been Moving! (by Marsha)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   The weekly blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks as we move into our new home.  (No, that’s not me moving furniture in heels!)  We wanted you to know that regular posts will resume soon. Our big takeaway from the move: you don’t need as much stuff as you’ve got.  We donated at least 10 carloads and sold … Continue reading We’ve Been Moving! (by Marsha) »

Why I Love Sobriety (by Marsha)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The following is an edited version of a post originally published February 11, 2017. I’m Marsha, and I’m not an alcoholic.  On the face of it, this is my story. When I got together with Pat, he had 10 years of sobriety.  I was in love, and in the space of a heartbeat, I decided to become a non-drinker.  I had … Continue reading Why I Love Sobriety (by Marsha) »

On Being Special (by Eileen)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Some people are sadly burdened with having been told they are worthless.  I have the opposite problem. From an early age, I was told I was special.  A precocious and reflective child, who read four years above my grade level, I was “superior” to others my age.  My dad says I wasn’t really ever a child. I was a small adult. … Continue reading On Being Special (by Eileen) »

Seeing Humanity in the Strangers Among Us

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Some time ago Marsha and I watched Henry Fonda in the movie Young Mr. Lincoln. Afterward, I wondered whether we would ever again see anyone with the character of Old Abe.  Then I wondered, would I even recognize such a person if he or she crossed my path?  What struck me about Lincoln’s story was how little of his background would … Continue reading Seeing Humanity in the Strangers Among Us »