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How I Found My Humor

“What monstrous absurdities and paradoxes have resisted whole batteries of serious arguments, and then crumpled swiftly into the dust before the ringing death-knell of a laugh” ~ Agnes Replier How my life has been shaped by humor. And to think how close I came to losing laughter forever. As a kid our home was filled with laughter. My dad was a laugh factory and his … Continue reading How I Found My Humor »

Thirty Years and a Day (by Herman)

Thirty years and a day. I celebrated my thirtieth year of sobriety last year, and today I have one more day. I was raised Southern Baptist.  No one in my family drank.  I was an honor student.  I went to Divinity School and became an ordained minister.  I worked with the Ecumenical Institute of Chicago on an inner city reformulation project and trained church leaders … Continue reading Thirty Years and a Day (by Herman) »

The Walk to Albany Post Road

  “When you’ve spent two years trying to wiggle just one toe everything else is brought into proportion.” ~ Franklin Roosevelt I have a suggestion when you’re at the end of your rope and feeling: Down and out Paralyzed in fear Questioning the future Imagine yourself taking a short walk down the driveway of Franklin Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home to the Albany Post Road.  It’s just 100 … Continue reading The Walk to Albany Post Road »

The Gift of Ignorance

  Discovery can be a strange and mystifying endeavor. That which we hope to discover is often not what we actually come to discover. I can think of three illustrations in history that illustrate this truth. Christopher Columbus was commissioned to find a shortcut to the “Orient” (and all the valued trade goods that came from Asia) by sailing west. He never made that discovery … Continue reading The Gift of Ignorance »