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Passings and Epilogues

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Yet again, death has struck a member of my family — my cousin Amy, at 46. Death has visited our family all too frequently and all too early. My father died at 45, brother Steve at 59, brother Kevin at 62.  We are a family of unfinished stories. Death leaves its mark when it comes unexpected and early. So many unspoken … Continue reading Passings and Epilogues »

A Mutt Named America

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   The recent public conversation on immigrants and immigration has had a tearing effect on the American psyche.  It seems for many Americans the memory of how we came to be American people has been forgotten.  For most of us, America is not our native land.  We, too, are foreigners, descended of refugees from an earlier time.  Many of our ancestors … Continue reading A Mutt Named America »

Of Dogs and Babies

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   This is a picture of our 15-month-old grandson Sam attempting to saddle his dog Patches in hopes of catching a ride up to his crib. Isn’t it delightful? Can’t you just feel the connection? The peaceful accord between a baby and a dog. When Sam’s mom Kelly sent the picture we shook our heads in wonderment.  How could two different … Continue reading Of Dogs and Babies »

Making Use of Depression

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When I was 14 years old I got a job selling newspapers at the County Hospital. The hospital served an indigent population, many in need of long term care.  It was my first real job and one in which I encountered many remarkable people. One such lesson was from a woman named Lilly.  She lived in a room on the 4th … Continue reading Making Use of Depression »