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Surviving in the Hardest of Hard Times

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Rousseau said, “To endure is the first thing that a child ought to learn, and that which he will have the most need to know.” I remember my Grandpa Pat sharing stories of the Irish Potato Famine (1845-50), crying as he spoke.  The collective tragedy was so great that it continues to scar the Irish psyche to this day.  Hard times … Continue reading Surviving in the Hardest of Hard Times »

A Successful Life

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What constitutes a successful life?  We are accustomed to defining success in terms of wealth, power and prestige.  But is this what truly makes for a successful life? The word success comes from the Latin succedere, which simply means “make something happen.”  So what if the something accrued to the benefit of others rather than oneself?  What if success was defined by a person’s value to others? … Continue reading A Successful Life »

Why I Love Sobriety (by Marsha)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The following is an edited version of a post originally published February 11, 2017. I’m Marsha, and I’m not an alcoholic.  On the face of it, this is my story. When I got together with Pat, he had 10 years of sobriety.  I was in love, and in the space of a heartbeat, I decided to become a non-drinker.  I had … Continue reading Why I Love Sobriety (by Marsha) »

Beyond Prejudice

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn     I’ve been asking myself where exactly does prejudice come from. Inherited insecurities? Superiority complex? Prejudicial teaching? In 1954 Gordon Allport linked prejudice to categorical thinking claiming prejudice was a natural and normal process for humans. According to him, “The human mind must think with the aid of categories…once formed categories become the basis for prejudgement. We can’t possibly avoid … Continue reading Beyond Prejudice »

Call Your Friends

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This past holiday season was marked by many things.  It was the first holiday shared in the home of our son and his family, the first holiday season in 27 years in the Pacific Northwest, and the first Christmas in decades celebrated in our own home.  It was also a rare, but gorgeous, white Christmas in the Seattle area. And yet … Continue reading Call Your Friends »