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Living Your Questions

  How did you find the key to your life’s song?  A little story on how I found mine. I was blessed with an enlightened aunt, a Catholic nun with the Sisters of Charity Providence.  Born Annabelle, she took the name Sister Mary Audrey.  She was a wise woman, raised during the Depression in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.  She learned many lessons from her life and … Continue reading Living Your Questions »

And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” ~ T.S. Eliot  There are days when life seems much too unmanageable, When the ‘fate gods‘ have all conspired against me, When my powerlessness really pisses me off, When the Serenity Prayer is wholly undecipherable to me. Days in which it seems I’m in way, way over my head. On … Continue reading And the Wisdom to Know the Difference »

The Gift of Silence

  I worked hard to perpetuate my stupidity for half my life. The other half has been spent gathering up my loose marbles. This marble gathering experience describes my process of recovery.  For me, recovery has been 95% recovering parts of myself that I lost along the way.  This has entailed: Challenging my ingrained biases Harnessing my ingrained fear Motivating my lazy disposition Unleashing the … Continue reading The Gift of Silence »

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (edited version)

Friends, The following post was inadvertently sent to you earlier in its unedited state.  Please accept our apologies as we now send you the corrected version. — Pat and Marsha  “We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.” ~ Seneca  Have you ever found yourself under attack from the Big Bad Wolf? Doesn’t it seem sometimes that we … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (edited version) »

Recovery from Obsession

  Have you ever found yourself obsessing over some person, place or thing?  Have you driven yourself to madness with the thought of losing an object of great desire?  Have you acted in ways you can hardly describe from the madness of an obsession? Obsessions are not unusual occurrences to those of us in recovery, as we have all experienced the obsession of alcohol. Have we … Continue reading Recovery from Obsession »